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GSC Travel Teams & Tryouts

GSC is a travel soccer club, our U8-U11 boys and girls soccer teams play together for a full year.  Our teams participate in a fall season, a spring season and have the opportunity to play in a winter indoor league.  GSC players practice outdoors twice a week in the fall and spring and once a week indoors in the winter.  There are also many additional training opportunities available for our players throughout the year - including Friday skills classes, goalkeeper training, speed and agility training, winter break camp and multiple summer camps.

Tryouts for GSC soccer teams are held once a year in late May/early June.  All players, whether they are playing for us currently or new to the club, must tryout every year.  See our tryouts page for more information about the tryout process.  If you are new to the area or interested in joining a team mid-year please contact our Director of Coaching Albert Gudmundsson to see if a spot is available for your player.

Leagues & Tournaments

Glenview Soccer Club is a member of the Illinois Youth Soccer Association (IYSA). Our boys teams compete in the Young Sportsman's Soccer League (YSSL) and our girls teams compete in the Illinois Women's Soccer League (IWSL).

GSC teams compete against other community-based travel teams with similar skill levels. Each team plays a Fall season of approximately ten games and Spring season of approximately eight games. Half of those games will be home games at our wonderful home fields at Community Park West in Glenview, IL. The other half of those games will be away games and are played in other nearby Chicago suburbs.

In the IYSA & YSSL leagues, boys teams play mostly on Saturdays and girls teams mostly play on Sunday afternoons. But that can vary depending on our competitors' field availability. Occasionally games are played on weekday evenings. 

Teams are assigned to divisions based on rankings determined by the league. Our teams compete against other club-level travel teams with similar rankings. The league games are mostly within about a half an hour drive but can sometimes be farther depending on a team's assigned division.  More skilled teams may have to travel further to play teams of the same caliber. 

In addition to league play, GSC teams participate in local Fall and Spring soccer tournaments. These two tournaments are included in our club fees.  Teams may choose to play in additional tournaments (our top teams often do), even traveling to out of state competitions.

GSC Club Fees

Glenview Soccer Club is a non-profit soccer club.  We keep our fees as low as possible for our players while still offering a quality program. Scholarships are available for those who qualify financially. 

We believe that knowing a club's fees and exactly what they include (practices, games, number of tournaments) is an important part of a family's decision making process in choosing a travel soccer club. This is why we post next year's fees before tryouts even begin so parents and players can make an informed decision. 

Fall & Spring Season Training

Glenview Soccer Club U8-U11 teams typically practice two times a week during the season, and have multiple practices prior to the beginning of a season. The players also attend weekly indoor training sessions during the winter.

We offer many additional opportunities for player development.  Optional Friday practices focusing on soccer skills are offered for a very small fee.  We have excellent summer camps and a brand new summer 3v3 Academy.  Additionally, we have partnerships with the Illinois Skill School to offer specialized skills training during the summer and TCBoost for our players' speed and agility training.

Winter Indoor Training

We continue our training during the winter, indoor practices are included in our club fees.  Our teams train once a week at the Athletico Center in Glenview, IL during the winter.  

Players also have the opportunity to play in an indoor league if they wish. Games are played on the weekend. GSC players are encouraged to play in an winter indoor league but this is not mandatory, as we have many players that are multi-sport athletes.  Therefore, the optional indoor league fee (usually around $225 for the season) is not included in our club fee.

Excellent Coaches

Each Glenview Soccer Club team has a paid, professional coach who conducts two or more weekly training sessions and coaches at the games. Parent volunteers serve as team managers and occasionally as assistant coaches.

All coaches (including the parent volunteer coaches) must obtain a US Soccer coaching license by attending classes sponsored by the Illinois Youth Soccer Association and passing an exam.  These exams ensure that our coaches learn the latest coaching information, techniques and tools to help our players develop towards their fullest potential.  

For Glenview Soccer Club, we aim to employ soccer coaches who are able to give our U8-U11 players a strong foundation on which to build their future soccer career. This includes an emphasis on basic soccer skills (dribbling, passing, shooting, being comfortable with the ball), understanding the rules of the game, and lots of small-sided games to ensure each child gets lots of touches on the ball at every practice.  We believe that our coaches can help our young players build a love for the great game of soccer.

The minimum license a GSC coach may have is a USSF "E" License.  Most of our coaches have higher level US Soccer licenses and additional coaching certificates.  For more information about their excellent credentials please see our coaches page.

Coaches also attend ongoing education clinics sponsored by GSC and other soccer organizations. As part of their requirements, all coaches are required to pass IYSA's "Heads Up Concussion Test" to ensure they are familiar with concussion signs & symptoms in case of an on-field injury.  Additionally, all of our staff must pass background checks.